Cooking, learning, conversation
soulful dinner
25'th of March
Kyiv, Makkeyna 1,
kitchen SOUL

The most unusual format among all the projects of Irina Palko
Our goal - is to have a good time, cook a delicious dinner, practice English and presentation skills, learn new things
What will we train:
⁃ Ability to persuade
⁃ Presentation and speaking skills
⁃ Self-presentation skills
⁃ Teamwork skills
⁃ And cook :)

And all of that will be ONLY IN ENGLISH!
We combine business with pleasure!
- Will cook together
- Will eat together
- Will present our deashes
It doesn't matter how good you are at cooking!
If you only know how to cut a salad, you have nothing to worry about! :)

Firstly, this format is not about food, but about new knowledge in an unusual format.

Secondly, you will be in a team where roles and tasks are distributed among all participants.
We will come together in the SOUL kitchen that has won the international Red Dot award!

Will break into teams and prepare a real dinner party by ourselves. From starters to desserts.

Each team will have to make a presentation of their dishes.

We will provide you with a good mood, jokes, laughter and practical tasks.

Let's spend a useful evening together with a glass of wine!
When and where:
        • Date: 25'th of March
        • Time: 18:30 - 21:30
        • Location: Kyiv, Makkeyna 1, kitchen Soul
        • Price: 3300 UAH
          *included groceries, wine, training, kitchen, and helpers.

          We welcome guests from all cities. Take your friends, partners, colleagues with you - it will be even more fun!
        Let's expand our boundaries and possibilities together ❤️
        Book a place for yourself and we will contact you soon.

        Only 15 places are available!
        Will you be alone or with someone?
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